Many things have been labelled as “racist” in this campaign season, and most of them don’t come anywhere close to qualifying.

However, this button is absolutely, 100% out of line, and I hope that once the state GOPers find out about it, they’ll demand this vendor leaves. I mean, this is a convention where Mike Huckabee was speaking. I wouldn’t imagine he’d be pleased to find out that he could be associated with something this vile.

A little bit more background, the vendor is being hosted by, and after a quick survey of their site, I can’t find this button for sale…which is actually quite a relief. So it seems likely that this isn’t endorsed by them either, but if they’re providing the space they’re also responsible for the content that’s being sold.

(h/t: Ambinder)

TPM follows up with Texas GOP, who said they didn’t know about the button:

So did party officials know about this button being sold all weekend at their convention? In an interview with Election Central, Texas GOP political director Hans Klingler answered with an emphatic No. “We had hundreds of vendors at the convention,” Klingler said. “I don’t know what the merchandise is, we don’t check the merchandise.”

Klingler added that the party would have done something if it had been brought to their attention at the time. “We wouldn’t have let him sell it.”

Also, it looks like was actually running the booth that was selling this button, so that means they probably made it.


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