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Is Alaska Up For Grabs?


Lots of polling today, and most of it favoring Obama in traditional swing states and at least one Republican stronghold.

The numbers…
McCain – 45%
Obama – 41%

Rasmussen breaks down the demos

This is the third straight poll showing Obama within single digits of the presumptive GOP nominee. A month ago, McCain was up by nine. Two months ago, it was McCain by nine.

McCain is supported by 78% of Republican voters while Obama attracts 74% of Democratic voters. Among those not affiliated with either major party, it’s Obama 48% McCain 33%. A month ago, Obama attracted 47% of unaffiliateds while McCain was supported by 41%.

McCain is viewed favorably by 57% of Alaska voters, Obama by 53%. Both figures are up a point over the past month.

Just to give you an indication how surprising this is, Bush beat Kerry in Alaska in 2004 by 61% to 35%. The fact that Obama is within striking distance at all is a testament to his crossover appeal and the discontent with the Republican brand.

At the very least it’ll hurt McCain because he’ll have to spend resources there that he could otherwise use for swing states.

More as it develops…