Obama – 52%
McCain – 40%

A commanding lead by Obama in a state some thought would be a question mark for him given his loss in the primaries to Clinton.

The demographic numbers…

Obama tops McCain 57 – 34 percent with women as men go 47 percent for McCain to 45 percent for Obama. Obama leads 61 – 33 percent among voters 18 to 34 years old, 51 – 41 percent among voters 35 to 54 and 48 – 43 percent with voters over 55. The Democrat inches ahead 47 – 44 percent among white voters and leads among black voters 95 – 1 percent.

In nearly every single poll lately, Obama is just running away with the female vote. So if that voting bloc really does decided how elections swing, he’s in a very good place going into the conventions.

Here’s one last tidbit about Hillary voters…

Nineteen percent of the people who voted for Bush in 2004 now back Obama, while 24 percent of the voters who supported Clinton in the primaries now back McCain.

Does ill will between Hillary and Obama during the primaries hurt him? Sure. But ill will towards Bush apparently nearly makes up for it. And what’s more likely? People will start to feel better about Bush or feel better about Obama?

More as it develops…

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