Obama – 48%
McCain – 42%

Just yesterday, Public Policy Polling released a poll that found Obama leading by 11%. Personally, I’m going to trust Quinnipiac’s numbers for the time being.

The good news from this poll for Obama?

  • He holds a 12 point lead among women
  • He splits men and white, working class voters evenly with McCain
  • More McCain supporters say they’re likely to change their mind than Obama supporters

The good news for McCain? Well, he retains a small lead among men and 25% of those who backed Clinton during the primaries now back him…but that’s about it. Obama’s favorability numbers are much higher and 22% of Ohioians actually think McCain’s age could be a factor in their vote.

And on the topic of Hillary for VP? Independents aren’t too hot on it, but overall people narrowly favor the idea.

More as it develops…

Politics Quinnipiac: Obama Leads By 6 In Ohio