A completely understandable position given the current price of gas, but I wonder if those being polled understand the reasons why we put limits on oil companies access in the first place.

And while this is a partisan issue, there’s definitely a lot more Democratic support than Republican opposition.

My gut tells me that the government will open up access because of people’s pain points, but do know that it’ll be years before these new refineries will start pumping and there are absolutely no guarantees they’ll bear the type of fruit we want them to. Oil drilling is an incredibly speculative business and we can’t keep counting on it to provide us with the energy we need.

So, if we’re going to open up, it needs to be wrapped in with provisions that force auto manufacturers to make vastly more fuel efficient cars. These two things need to happen in concert because otherwise we’ll just keep consuming and getting into an even deeper hole.

Science/Environment Gallup: 57% Support Opening Up Drilling