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The Nation Frets Over Obama's Moderating NAFTA Position


Although The Nation endorsed Barack Obama just a few months ago, some of their writers are now having heart palpitations over Obama’s backtracking on NAFTA. Seems Obama is moderating his tone on free trade and writer John Nichols thinks this is a terrible development.

Personally, I’m glad to see Obama moving away from demagoguery on NAFTA and embracing a more moderate tone. I’m also amused to see The Nation distressed. If they wanted an economic populist, maybe they should have supported Hillary Clinton who all but put on overalls and took a job at a factory.

What makes Nichols angst even more amusing is that he seems less concerned about NAFTA in specific and far more concerned that Obama’s less-reactionary position will lose the senator votes among voters in the so-called rustbelt. Because, you know, what chance does Obama have unless he whips up unjustified anger and blames all then evil corporations and Mexican factory workers?