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InsiderAdvantage: McCain, Obama Tied In Georgia


McCain – 44%
Obama – 43%
Barr – 6%
Undc’d – 7%

Could this really happen?

“Georgia is competitive for Obama for several reasons. First, it has a high African-American voting age population (VAP). Second, it has an unusually high percentage of younger voters (18-29). Both of these groups are more in the Obama camp, with black voters already at the 83 percent level and likely to climb.

“Equally important, like its neighbor Florida, Georgia has a high percentage of voters who consider themselves independent. Obama is carrying that critical swing vote by about 10 percent in the poll.

Also, is Barr the new Nader?

“As to the Bob Barr effect, Barr’s numbers dropped slightly overall from our poll of Georgia in March. However, he remains at a 6% level, healthy for a Libertarian. And among senior voters he receives nearly 10% of the vote.

Caveat time…a week ago Rasmussen had McCain leading by 10, so while Georgia may seem competitive, it may not be this close.

More as it develops…