Unsurprisingly, John McCain is wasting no time in criticizing Barack Obama over the Illinois senator’s decision to renege on a campaign promise and turn down public funding. McCain said:

”This election is about a lot of things, but it’s also about trust. It’s also about whether you can take people’s word. … He said he would stick to his agreement. He didn’t.”

The Obama camp argues that because they’ve financed the campaign through small individual donations, they’ve found a funding mechanism even less tied to lobbyists than the public system. That’s a slippery answer as the fact remains, Obama’s campaign has long said they support the public funding, plan to use it and plan to make an agreement with the Republican nominee to use it as well.

Of course, I’m not sure voters will care. Sure, the Obama move is slippery but money is always a slick business and American’s haven’t often held money matters against a politician. In fact, McCain now says he may opt out too, which would break his own pledge, albeit in response to the uneven playing field created by Obama.

Come November, I don’t imagine anyone will be talking about this. But it’s right for McCain to get his shots in now.

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