Obama – 43%
McCain – 41%
3rd Party – 8%
Undc’d – 7%

This is actually bad news for Obama, because he dropped 5 points since last month, while McCain only lost one. So this is a net 4 point pickup for the Arizona senator, and a sign that Obama could have a problem holding onto any post-convention bounce he’d get.

Some more about Colorado…

Colorado has gone Republican in the last three presidential contests, reelecting George W. Bush in 2004 by five percentage points.

Over the past forty years, Colorado has cast its Electoral Votes for the Democrats just once—for Bill Clinton in 1992. But Obama and his party have targeted it as a swing state this year.

Obama has shown surprising strength in Colorado against his Republican opponent, especially since McCain handily defeated Clinton in survey match-ups before her withdrawal from the race. Democrats also have a good chance of picking up a Senate seat in Colorado this year.

More as it develops…

Politics Rasmussen: Obama Leads By 2 In Colorado