Obama – 49%
McCain – 45%

Another key swing state poll shows it up for grabs.

Here are some gender breakdowns…

Gender – Male
McCain – 56%
Obama – 39%

Gender – Female
Obama – 59%
McCain – 34%

As we can see, Obama and McCain are taking women and men by fairly large margins, but McCain has 8 more points to make up among women than Obama has among men. And I’m not exactly sure how John plans to do that, especially given the Supreme Court question mark around Roe v. Wade.

And age breaks out as such…

Age – 18 to 49
Obama – 53%
McCain – 43%

Age – 50+
McCain – 47%
Obama – 45%

Nothing surprising here, although Obama is keeping it much closer in the older age bracket than usual. Still, Iowa is where he launched his historic upset, so it’s understandable that these olders votes may be more inclined to see what he’s all about as a President.

Now, you ready for this? Here comes the biggest shocker, and it’s about race…

Race – Caucasian
Obama – 50%
McCain – 44%

Race – African American
McCain – 55%
Obama – 45%

That’s right. McCain is leading Obama among African Americans.

Now, to put this in the proper perspective, Caucasians make up 95% of the population in Iowa, while African Americans only make up 2%, but this is still an interesting anomaly when we talk about Obama having a lock on the black vote.

More as it develops…

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