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Brokaw To Take Over Meet The Press Until November


A good decision and I’m looking forward to his even-handed commentary…

Beginning June 29, Brokaw will replace Tim Russert, who died earlier this month from a heart attack, NBC News President Steve Capus said in a statement Sunday.

“A lot has been said in recent days about what ‘Meet the Press’ means to NBC News and to the nation,” Capus said. “To have someone of Tom’s stature step up and dedicate himself to ensuring its ongoing success is not only a testament to his loyalty to Tim, but his enduring commitment to NBC News and our viewers.”

This from Brokaw…

Brokaw said: “I’ve been appearing on ‘Meet the Press’ since the days of Watergate when it was moderated by Lawrence E. Spivak right through the distinguished tenure of my great friend, Tim Russert, so I feel right at home. Tim made ‘Meet the Press’ the center of the universe for informative and lively discussions of public affairs, particularly the exciting 2008 campaign for president, and I intend to continue that commitment to our viewers.”

And this was Brokaw reporting on the news of Tim’s death…

One question remains: will Brokaw be the bulldog Russert was?