After reading this short interview in the NY Times Magazine, I liking this guy’s approach…

Is it fair to describe you as socially progressive?
I think it is fair to describe me as a common-sense Republican.

Which implies that some Republicans lack common sense.
That’s possible.

You have supported stem-cell research, unlike most Republicans.
I do support that. I think it is common sense to pay attention to what is happening in science. My father is a physician, my sister is a physician and I try to be enlightened on things that might extend and create productive life.

He also flip-flopped and is now for McCain’s plan to let states decided whether or not to allow offshore drilling, which really seems like the most sensible thing to do in the time between and now and when we find sustainable, clean alternative energy sources for oil and natural gas.

So, keep an eye on this guy for Veep? Or is “the tan” just too much for people to get over?

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