Is this the last straw?

From Politico:

During the show, conversation turned to a story about how suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones now wants to drop his well-known nickname. In the course of the segment, Imus is told that Jones has “been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005.”

Imus asks: “What color is he?”

“He’s African-American,” the host is informed by one of his on-air sidekicks.

“Well, there you go,” Imus said. “Now we know.”

Yep, there you go…again.

Frankly, I think this is dumber than his nappy-headed comment because it suggests a pretty specific viewpoint about African Americans. And this really could be it for him.

We shall see.

Imus explains…

In the face of criticism that ensued, Imus said Monday that he had been misunderstood.

“I meant that he was being picked on because he’s black,” Imus said in a statement released by his spokesman.

Maybe this is true, but he should REALLY be more clear…especially given what happened last year.

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