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McCain Can't Go With Top 3 Veep Choices?


That’s the flotsam from Joe Klein today, but I have my doubts these are real…and so does he…

1. Former Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania–McCain loves the guy, I’m told, and Ridge might bring Pa. into the Republican fold…but he’s pro-choice. Fuggedaboutit.

2. Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida–Ahhh, Florida. But, oy, that last name.

3. Senator Mel Martinez of Florida—Ahh, Florida….and brings Latinos, too! But born in Cuba, so ineligible for the office.

Ridge I can understand, but I honestly think McCain is fooling himself at this point if he thinks Pennsylvania will turn red. Now, I had previously thought Ridge could be a sage pick, but now I doubt he could really help all that much given his last presence on the public stage was as the guy who introduced America to that simplistic, worthless color coded terror alert system.

Also, Jeb Bush? Seriously? I mean, there’s no way that McCain should get anywhere close to the Bushes. Somebody has to be feeding Klein some misinformation, right?

Last, and certainly least, Mel Martinez proved to be an absolute dud running the RNC, so beyond the notion that he wasn’t born in the US, he just isn’t a good choice.

So are Klein’s sources messing with him or what?