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Rasmussen: Obama Leads In Pennsylvania By 4


Obama – 46%
McCain – 42%

Obama actually gained 1 point and McCain lost 1, so he gained some ground this month.

Demo details…

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Pennsylvania Democrats support Obama, up from 63% in May. The Democratic candidate has an eleven point edge among unaffiliated voters, little changed over the past month.

Party support is firming up for McCain as well, with 77% of Republicans backing him now versus 71% in May.

Obama’s gains have come primarily among men—Obama now leads by eight among males. Last month the candidates were essentially even.

So this race could be a lot closer than I think. Perhaps Tom Ridge isn’t the best VP pick for base Republicans given his abortion stance, but with the race in PA so tight he could certainly help swing it.

More as it develops…