Obama – 48%
McCain – 47%

This basically means they’re tied, but Indiana is usually a very reliably red state, so this is actually quite surprising.

Some more info…

  • Among men, McCain leads by 5; among women, Obama leads by 7 — a 12-point gender gap.
  • Among voters age 18 to 49, Obama leads by 5; among voters 50+, McCain leads by 3.
  • Obama leads by 22 points among voters under age 35.
  • 16% of Republicans cross over to vote for Democrat Obama; 19% of Democrats cross over to vote for Republican McCain; Independents favor Obama by 7 points.
  • Among those voters who say they have already made up their minds, the two candidates are tied; among the 25% who say they could still change their mind, Obama leads by 2.

So maybe this is why Obama sent a top staffer there and is now advertising in the Hoosier State?

More as it develops…

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