McCain – 50%
Obama – 43%

Obama lead by 2 last month, so McCain has a net 9 point gain in a fairly short period of time. Could this be Clinton voters switching?

McCain has opened up a very wide gap of 24 points among men, which make up 46% of the voters in the survey. Obama only leads by 9 among women.

What’s more, the two are tied with 44 each in the 18-34 age bracket, and if Obama has any chance of winning the Show-Me State, he’ll need to carry this demo handily.

Of historical note, Missouri is known as the most accurate election bellwether, having voted for the winner in every election but one in the past 100 years.

We are the ultimate swing state.

More as it develops…

Politics SurveyUSA: McCain Leads By 7 In Missouri