Some may see this as a negative, but one benefit to Obama having social networking available for his supporters is it gives people an opportunity to state their opposition. Obama probably won’t change his position, but at least people feel that they have a voice, and can find likeminded people to organize and spread the word.

Here’s more via TPM:

Over on Barack Obama’s Web site, someone has set up a new social networking group devoted solely to getting Obama to oppose the FISA bill he announced his support for earlier this week.

It’s got almost 500 members, which is dwarfed by other MyBo groups, though it’s only been existence for 24 hours. This is perhaps suggestive of what this machinery could be used for on occasion if Obama makes it into the White House.

The group, called “Senator Obama – Please Vote Against FISA” is now 551 members strong since TPM posted about it an hour ago.

More as it develops…

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