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TIME: Obama Leads By 5 Nationally


Obama – 43%
McCain – 38%

Well, looks like after a couple of national polls showing big time leads, we might be settling back down to reality. Because this latest from TIME shows results very similar to Gallup and Rasmussen.

Some key findings…

First, the race is closer when leaners are included…

When undecided voters leaning towards Obama and McCain are accounted for, the race narrows to 47% to 43%, barely above the poll’s 3.5% margin of error.

Second, undecided voters seem to favor McCain more, but independents are split

Thirty percent of those who remain undecided said they lean towards McCain and 20% said they were leaning toward Obama, with 46% citing no preference. […]

The two split Independents, a target demographic for both campaigns, with 44% supporting Obama and 43% McCain’s.

Last, nearly a 3rd of voters think they could change their mind, showing a definite volatility to this race…

Overall, 28% said they could still change their minds in the four months left before the November election.

More as it develops…