McCain – 48%
Obama – 39%

I don’t think anybody believes that Texas can turn blue this election cycle, but last month McCain was leading by 14, and the fact that we’re not seeing single digits is definitely unexpected.

How has Obama made up ground in this solidly red state?

The details…

McCain has a dominant 50% to 33% lead among men in Texas, but the two candidates are essentially tied among women.

The Republican draws support from 79% of voters in his own party, Obama is backed by 72% of Democrats and McCain leads 49% to 32% among unaffiliated voters. He led 56% to 30% among unaffiliateds in early June.

McCain is viewed favorably by 61% and unfavorably by 34%. Obama’s ratings are 50% favorably and 48% unfavorable.

Once again, women are helping out Obama. The question now…what does he need to do to extend his lead among that demographic to make the race tight enough so McCain has to start spending money there?

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