What on earth possessed him to say this?

When was the last time you pumped your own gas and how much did it cost?

Oh, I don’t remember. Now there’s Secret Service protection. But I’ve done it for many, many years. I don’t recall and frankly, I don’t see how it matters.

I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of town hall meetings, many as short a time ago as yesterday. I communicate with the people and they communicate with me very effectively.

Well, it does matter, and as James Joyner points out…

The price of gas is the number one issue on the minds of just about every voter these days. It’s an issue that virtually transcends class. Most of us know, to the penny, what we’re paying for gas and where the cheapest gas is in our area.

So not only is dismissing the importance of knowing the current price just bad form…it calls into question his reasoning for opening up offshore drilling. Because now that decision seems much more likely to be simply a partisan position as opposed to keeping the American people’s interests in mind…especially given that McCain has freely acknowledged that this move would only have a psychological effect.

Disappointing stuff.

Some have suggested that he was actually just answering the question about pumping his own gas, and since he didn’t think that mattered, there was no need to answer the question about the price of gas. However, I don’t think it’s clear either way and the dismissive nature of his comment isn’t helping him any.

Apparently he correctly answered a question about gas prices a few days before the interview. This makes more sense, but again I point to James Joyner…

It would seem, then, that he’s guilty merely of giving an irritated and dismissive answer to what he perceived as a “gotcha” question rather than being out of touch.

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