And that number is pretty much exactly where Gallup says Bush’s historic disapproval numbers are at.

Coincidence? I think not…

In fact, McCain’s “maverick” brand is in real trouble with Independent voters…

Pretty much the exact same numbers as the combined for the entire sample. Hell, even 45% of Republicans are “Very” or “Somewhat” concerned.

Gallup then went on to ask if Obama would change Bush’s policies too drastically. Only 30% were “Very”, and 19% were “Somewhat”, which is 20 points under where McCain is at.

Also, note that only 42% of Independents are “Very” + “Somewhat.” That’s 5% less than McCain’s Very number.

Think a majority of the voting population is ready for change? Seems so.

Meanwhile, Obama is starting to show signs of moving more towards the center on FISA, faith based initiatives and gun rights.

In other words, it’ll be hard to pin him down on being too liberal on issues that have the potential to be wedges.

More as it develops…

Politics Gallup: 68% Very Or Somewhat Concerned McCain Will Continue Bush's Legacy