McCain isn’t saying that Rick Davis is being replaced, but it’s obvious a power shift is happening because I can’t help but think that Steve Schmidt will be tasked with many things that Rick Davis has failed to do so far.

From Politico:

Steve Schmidt is taking over the day-to-day operation of John McCain’s campaign, according to multiple campaign sources.

At a staff meeting in the campaign’s Arlington, Va., headquarters this morning, campaign manager Rick Davis made the announcement about Schmidt’s new role.

Schmidt, a bald and barrel-chested operative known for his aggressive brand of political combat, responded by exhorting campaign aides with a speech that one staffer likened to a locker room pep talk out of the football movie “Rudy.”

So why is this happening? Well, let’s just say that the campaign demanded it…

The shift was approved by Mr. McCain after several aides, including Mr. Schmidt, warned him about 10 days ago that he was in danger of losing the presidential election unless he revamped his campaign operation, according to two officials close to the campaign.

Pretty ballsy of Schmidt to basically say that he was the guy to take over operations, but that’s politics for you.

And looks like plans are already in place to redefine McCain with a much more populist message…

In the first public reflection of Mr. Schmidt’s new role, the campaign is planning what will amount to a relaunch of Mr. McCain’s candidacy after July 4, with the senator touring the country to promote a jobs program and visiting battleground states like Colorado, Wisconsin and Michigan to illustrate the economic problems he will be talking about.

Folks, this just may work. Obama and company better pay attention because they could be facing a new candidate soon.

More as it develops…

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