With new questions about massive credit card debt and unpaid taxes, and questions still looming as to where Cindy invests her money and why she won’t fully disclose her tax returns, the McCain camp is becoming increasingly nervous that the lack of transparency may hurt them come this fall.

Politico points out why this matters…

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose fortune was estimated to be worth more than $750 million, eventually released comparably limited information about her finances after repeated demands from Republicans who asserted the public’s right to know because they said her finances were intertwined with those of her husband’s presidential campaign. The Kerry campaign had benefited from a $6.4 million personal loan John Kerry secured using, as collateral, equity in a Boston townhouse the couple jointly owned.

Likewise, John McCain’s presidential campaign benefited from Cindy McCain’s fortune, using a legal loophole to travel the country in a jet owned by her company for cut-rate fares. […]

While John McCain’s campaign spending is a matter of public record, his family’s personal spending is not, and for the most part there’s only anecdotal information available.

For a guy who claims to be all about transparency, the lack of it when it comes to his family’s finances is troubling.

And yes, I know they don’t file taxes jointly, but there’s no way he hasn’t benefitted from Cindy’s vast fortune. In fact, many think McCain may never had made it into politics without her. The couple has been married for nearly 3 decades now, so some significant disclosure of their finances isn’t just appropriate, it’s necessary. We can’t be guessing where her money is coming from, especially after she divested herself of those mutual funds linked to Sudanese companies.

More as it develops…

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