I covered this back on June 27th, and at that time the group had around 550 members. What a difference a week makes, eh?

Not only that, this group is now the biggest on his website now.

TPM points to a story from USA Today about the group…

In recent days, Obama has criticized the Supreme Court for saying that child rapists cannot be executed and refused to oppose a decision knocking down a handgun ban. He announced a plan to support “faith-based” social work and said he would vote for a bill giving immunity to telephone companies that allowed warrantless wiretapping of their customers.

Those centrist positions may help woo swing voters, but they infuriated some of Obama’s core supporters. Nearly 12,000 of them have formed an online group on Obama’s presidential campaign website, urging him to vote against the domestic wiretapping bill.

That story was posted 11 hours ago. Since then the group has added around 2,600 members.

So this sets up an interesting predicament. One of the strengths of the Obama campaign has been its ability to give people the tools to self-organize online and take action offline. But now those tools may work against him, and what happens if the candidate completely ignores these people? What will the backlash be?

One thing’s for sure…expect this group to get bigger…and fast.

Technology Anti-FISA Group On Obama's Website Reaches 14,600+ Members