Why is it when a major news organization writes about swing-voters or undecideds or even “moderates” the story is either written with condescension or with an anthropological reverence, like they’ve uncovered some primitive and mysterious tribe? The latest “report” on undecided voters comes from the AP and is based on a Knowledge Networks poll .

The shocking conclusion? Undecided voters tend to have some conservative views and some liberal ones. They also have a healthy distrust of politicians in general.

Wow. I hope the AP will also reveal to me that Democrats are liberals and Republicans are conservatives. And the Pope is Catholic.

What’s most interesting in the story is that undecided voters are at one point labeled kingmakers and at another point painted as unengaged and disinterested. Just because a voter doesn’t like either political party doesn’t make him or her unengaged – it just means there’s no outlet for their political beliefs. If they were truly unengaged, they wouldn’t be voters at all. They’d be non-voters.

At some point, I hope the media will stop treating voters who don’t fit the easy Republican/Democrat labels as a sideshow and will start giving those voters’ beliefs a more comprehensive look.

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