When the McCracken boys and I started our last company, Serials Solutions, we finally got up the nerve to hire a sales person, Tim Granquist. On Tim’s first day, he gives us a call (we were all still working at real jobs to fund the company) and asks what he should do. Get on the phone, dummy, you’re a sales person. Just one problem, Tim replied, you guys don’t have a phone. We’ll go buy a phone, dummy. We’ll pay you back on our next payday.

A couple of years later, we had a fancy Avaya system and took that original phone, glued it to a piece of wood and turned it into the Whatever It Takes award. The previous winner got to choose the next winner based off of who they thought epitomized the phrase “whatever it takes”

This weekend, our fearless leader, Steve “Yard Sale” McCracken, shattered his kneecap while out water skiing. He’s a very good skier, in fact skis most mornings before work, and just hit a rouge wave. After re-constructive surgery, he was at home resting comfortably. That was until a potential investor agreed to a meeting and he had to spring into action. I loaded him up in the back of the van and off we went.

Steve's broken legThe moral of this story is that starting and running your own company is never easy and always fraught with challenges. You cramp yourself and a dozen others into an office designed for 3, earn the most meager of wages (if any at all), work ridiculous hours, vacations are few and far between and have a slim chance of a monster exit. However, if you’re willing to give “whatever it takes” and surround yourselves with others willing to do the same, you just might one day have that monster exit you’re looking for. Or you just may find yourself with a busted up knee in the back of a van asking yourself what in the hell you’re doing out of bed.

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