Hillary Clinton may have endorsed Barack Obama, but winning over her supporters may prove more difficult for Obama than many people thought. A new CNN survey shows that the number of Clinton supporters who plan to vote for Obama has actually decreased since early June from 60% to 54%. Furthermore, 43% of Democrats now say they’d prefer Clinton to lead the ticket, up from 35% at the beginning of June.

So why are Obama’s attempts to woo Clinton supporters taking him the wrong way? Maybe certain Clinton voters are still coming to terms with the fact that a woman will not become president this year. Maybe Democrats who didn’t initially support Obama are having trouble figuring out what he stands for after the senator’s much-publicized (and overhyped) focus on center-leaning issues in recent weeks.

Whatever the reason, Obama has some work to do. I expect most Clinton voters to ultimately pull the lever for Obama but I also expect Obama’s vice presidential choice will reflect the desire to keep Democrats unified.

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