Carnival of Divided GovernmentThe Carnival of Divided Government (CODGOV) is a monthly compilation of writing selected from around the blogosphere and main stream media. Posts, columns, and essays are selected that relate to the single topic of government divided between the major parties. The carnival offers links, excerpts and commentary from and about writers both pro and con, who are thinking and writing about the topic.

About a week ago JG commented on one of my posts with this:

“…there are simply too many holes in the divided government philosophy for anybody but yourself to really buy into it.”

Well, that kind of stuck in my craw, so although I’ve generally not cross-posted or linked the Carnival at Donklephant, I’m making an exception this month.

One point – I harbor no illusions that strategic voting for divided government will ever be a majority view. My guess is -at best- it can serve as an organizing principle for about half of what David Boaz and David Kirby identified as “The libertarian swing vote” – so maybe 6% of the electorate could be enticed by this voting heuristic. However, if the electorate in general remains roughly balanced and polarized, that six percent – as a true swing vote – could and would determine the outcome of national elections, as they arguably did in the 2006 mid-terms.

That said, a few links from the this month’s compilation:

I’ll conclude with this from Donklephant commenter Jenny responding to Alan’s last post on disaffected Clinton supporters:

“I was a Hillary supporter. I have decided that I will vote, but not vote for either Obama or McCain. Please do not educate me that the country is at stake if GOP is elected. I know that. I also know that history has proven again and again one party’s control of three branches has always been a bad thing…

So there you go Justin, proof positive that I’m not the only one voting for divided government.

There are at least two of us.

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