Rasmussen just released a poll which found that Obama is pulling off quite the feat when it comes to voter perceptions.

Some findings…

  • During the Primary campaign season, Obama was viewed as politically liberal by an ever-increasing number of voters that grew to 67% by early June.
  • However, since clinching the nomination, he has reversed that trend and is now seen as liberal by only 56%.
  • Twenty-two percent (22%) characterize the Democrat as Very Liberal, down from 36% early last month.
  • McCain similarly has been seen as politically conservative by more and more voters, also hitting 67% a month ago, but he is still viewed that way by 66%.
  • While 19% saw him as Very Conservative in early June, that figure now has risen to 28%.
  • The Democratic candidate is viewed as a political moderate by 27%, up from 22% three weeks earlier, while McCain is seen as a moderate by 23%, down from 26% in the survey at the beginning of June.

Long story short, McCain and the Republicans are failing miserably at painting Obama as a typical liberal politician, and if this trend continues McCain is looking at certain defeat come November.

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