John Edwards has struggled with his existential question (“To Veep Or Not To Veep”) for weeks now, flip-flopping back and forth. It’s sort of “been there, done that” for him, yet also sort of historical, as Joe Biden would put it. Although, there’s a danger in appearing too hungry for it — so he’s continually dismissed the idea.

Yet this week he told NPR, “I am prepared to seriously consider anything, anything he asks me to do for our country.” He also mentioned he’d “do anything” in his power to ensure Obama’s the next president.

Similarly, Evan Bayh feels stuck between a rock and a hard place as well. He told reporters in Indianapolis, “My biggest problem in answering these kinds of questions,” the IN Senator told the Indianapolis Star, “is that if I say yes, people say, ‘Oh, well, he’s being presumptuous and campaigning for it. If you say no, then people say you’re being disingenuous and not telling the truth.”

Meanwhile, John Kerry told Chris Matthews on NBC’s Hardball this week: “I can’t be more clear about this. No. Not interested.”

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