McCain – 47
Obama – 44

A couple weeks ago it was SurveyUSA that showed McCain up by 7, yesterday it was Rasmussen that showed him up by 5 and today we have a spread of 3 from Public Policy Polling.

The common theme that runs through all 3 of these polls? McCain has Republicans locked up solid, but Obama is still struggling to catch up to get the same level of support among Dems.

Just take a look at the numbers from each of the 3 polls…

Republicans for/against McCain – 89/8
Democrats for/against Obama – 76/16

Republicans for McCain – 93
Democrats for/against Obama – 80

Public Policy Polling
Republicans for/against McCain – 85/10
Democrats for/against Obama – 77/15

Note that the spread is basically right around 13%, and unless Obama can match McCain’s numbers for base support, he simply won’t win Missouri.

More as it develops…

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