McCain – 43%
Obama – 43%

Some very surprising numbers from a state that went for Bush by 28 points in 2004.

Here are some details…

  • McCain is up by double digits with men.
  • Obama leads by 9 with women
  • McCain takes 87% of Republicans
  • Obama takes 79% of Democrats
  • Obama leads by 18 among Independents
  • Obama leads by 20 with voters who name the economy as their most important issue
  • McCain leads by 37 with voters who name national security as their most important issue

And to those last two points…

Thirty-nine percent (39%) view the economy as most important while 24% say the same about national security.

Given that the economy is the number one issue on voters minds right now, McCain better try to untether himself from Bush on this or he risks Obama capturing one or two of these safely red states come election time. After all, Rasmussen showed Obama up by 5 in Montana recently, a state that Bush won by 20 points in 2004 and 25 points in 2000.

More as it develops…

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