So I showed up at Trinity Nightclub in Pioneer Square last night for free.BASS JUST before 10PM, wanting to slide in before they started charging cover for Dave Dresden. But there was no need for me to rush, because Dresden wasn’t there; he had cancelled (something about a head through a window). 

But this was the overwhelming response of the crowd:

Who cares? I came to see KJ Sawka. 

At 10PM there was already a nice throb of party kids in the beloved club and KJ’s fantastical drum kit was set up in the Blue Room where people were drum and bassing it to The Dowlz. Life is good.

I made a quick trip to Belltown for a little birthday bash and minimal techno with Jules V, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt and a few other crazy people, then got my ass back down to Trinity for Kevin’s 12:30 set. The Blue Room was now PACKED. Like usual I pushed my way to the front of the dance floor (hey I EARN my spot) and was happy to see to my right and my left lots of my good friends straight holding it down for me. I was right in front of the drum kit and KJ was going freaking nuts with both arms and both legs on that thing. I think he was growling a little bit; he was so into it and the dance floor was responding to his passion- by going freaking nuts with both arms and both legs. It was ON.

I LOVE drum and bass; probably too much, like espresso and cupcakes. I kill myself dancing to it, that is for sure, I get so involved that I forget to take it back to half-time stepping and wind up a sweaty, feverish mess in a very short time. With KJ Sawka‘s unique brand of fire-flavored drum craziness I am not sure how anyone walked out of there last night. I can’t even begin to explain how he creates the sounds that come out like an army of darkness onto the dance floor; I don’t know if he can either but it doesn’t matter. Trinity was beautiful last night and the Blue Room came alive. Big smiles all around.


For your prefunk head out to the street fair in Pioneer Square along Washington Street in front of Fuel Sports Bar: live music and DJs, food, and some beautiful, amazing, I-want-to-kiss-everyone-I-see SUNSHINE!!! DJ Pressha plays 80’s B-More and Mashups from 6PM-9PM.

Gruvsessionz at Heavens Nightclub: Come get down with the dopest crowd in town. Produkt puts on a freakin’ circus with DJs Dab, Flave, Ben Shelton, Messiah, Dirty Steve, The Dowlz and Eric Nelson. Two rooms of music: house/electro/techno/progressive house/d&b/dubstep/and some mashups for the ladies- and don’t forget the aerial performances, fire twirlers, live art, lasers, magic, burlesque, belly dancers and the Tap-Taparazzi.

Next door is Fuel Sports Bar and a new monthly breakbeat night: The Breakup. Kicking it off are the Mendicants and beautiful Nyx who will be partying along with the “NW Breakbeat Ambassador” Dig Dug.

Chop Suey‘s got Trevor Loveys and DJ Same DNA, Jizosh, and mad religious prophet and rabble-rouser Recess.

Jacob London is at SeeSound Lounge.

Afterhours? It’s all about Hengst Studio (my favorite venue in Seattle) until 7AM with Claire Huxtable, Snap ‘N Pop, Grindle, and Ctrl_Alt_Dlt…….mmmmmmm…minimal techno until the sun rises, baby!

I will be everywhere, all at once. See you on the dance floor.

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