And it ain’t pretty…

To gain any worthwhile information about any topic whatsoever, you need to be reading the work of someone with real expertise. To develop real expertise requires years of study, research, etc. And years of study, research, etc. can’t be adequately condensed into a blog post. Thus, blog reading is a completely worthless exercise and nobody should really engage in it. I started writing this blog as a hobby; I thought it would be a fun thing to do. And I not only continue to enjoy writing it, but people pay me to write it. But the mere fact that I’m writing it doesn’t make it a worthwhile thing to read, which is why the overwhelming majority of Americans have never read this blog and never will.

So, is this true?

Personally, I’ve never considered myself an expert on anything except being able to find good, relevant information and share it with people in a timely fashion. And every now and again I’ll get the itch to really dig into a topic and dissect it, but I find that it’s best left to people with the expertise that Yglesias mentions.

And while he may be right that most Americans will probably never read his blog, more and more Americans are reading blogs every year. I don’t have the hard numbers in front of me, but the numbers have been growing steadily every year since the publishing platform was introduced, and there are no signs that it’ll be slowing down. So that’s good news for all of us because it means more readers will eventually find their way to our blogs.

What do you think?

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