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VP Vetting Heats Up!


Howard Wilson, Clinton’s former communications director, told Fox News Hillary is NOT being vetted for the #2 spot. Although, he quickly adds, “Hillary Clinton has been vetted during the last 18 months.” He also added that she would say “Yes” to a spot on the ticket. Obama traveled with Clinton and his Veep Vetter Caroline Kennedy to a NY fundraiser Wednesday night and another today. Perhaps Caroline’s taking notes?

But then there’s “the other woman” — Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. She denied being vetted in 2004, but remains mum on this year’s selection process, referring reporters to the Obama camp. “The decision and timetable for the best person to help Sen. Obama lead the country is entirely up to him. All of us who support Sen. Obama have been asked to direct questions about his choice for vice president to the campaign,” she stated. (Is she really a serious consideration or just some pundit’s favorite?)

Claire McCaskill of Missouri also added, “I’m not going to talk about it,” when asked if she had been vetted.

Chris Dodd is being vetted! He told reporters on Wednesday, “There’s been some inquiries, yeah. They ask for a lot of stuff. I’ll leave it at that.” The Republican National Committee issued a statement accusing Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, of receiving a “sweetheart loan deal” from Countrywide amid the subprime mortgage meltdown. They also point out Jim Johnson’s resignation in their cry: “Hypocrisy!”

Former chief executive of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina told NPR she would accept the vice presidential spot. “There are a lot of things about managing efficiently and effectively and transparently that we can borrow from business,” she said. But is anyone asking?

Tim Pawlenty claimed that he’s “not aware” of being under consideration for VP. He also said, “I have not been asked to provide any documents or information to the McCain campaign.”