Obama – 49%
McCain – 33%
Barr – 9%
Nader – 2%

This is a state that Bush took by only 1% in 2004, and barely lost in 2000.

The details…

  • Hispanics for Obama and self-identified libertarians for Barr make McCain a distant second.
  • Hispanics make up 30% of the sample, and they choose Obama over McCain, 59%-24%.
  • Libertarians are 10% of the sample, and 64% go with Barr.
  • They join 6% of conservatives who are also with Barr.
  • Obama even leads McCain by 7% among white voters.

It’s hard for me to believe that McCain is this far behind, but if Barr is really almost in double digits, that would make sense.

Also, I wonder what Barr’s % is among white voters, because if that’s in double digits it would go a long way to explaining why Obama’s leading McCain with a demographic he usually doesn’t capture.

More as it develops…

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