Arguably one of the top 5 film festivals to see this year is the Rawstock Light & Dark Film Fest. Last week I promised to bring you an interview of Justin Freet (previous blog) of Rawstock. Justin took a minute to tell me about their big event of the year. It was super windy out but I managed to get some good quotes from this very enthusiastic artist. In this video you’ll literally be able to see the long hours and the day to day grind that is required of a successful filmmaker (hint: look at his eyes in the first part of the video and tell me if that ain’t dedication).

If you’re looking for a No Holds Barred film festival, this is your event. I think they should let culturemob submit this video!

The festival is sponsored by Bullit Bourbon,, and Rockstar Energy Drink.

Friday July 25th
Act Theatre

for more information go to:

Community Rawstock Light & Dark Film Fest