This Thursday July 17th is the Culturemob Happy Hour at Moe Bar (Details here). To help you have a great time, we thought we’d tell you about a few rules for the event:

Rule number 1: Come as you are – unless you think you’re the invisible man (like the last time). In which case, bring something to wear. Trust me, we CAN all see you!

Rule number 2:
It’s okay to have a good time. I mean, they don’t call it Grumpy Hour now do they!
Moe Bar (Capitol Hill)
Rule number 3: Although not mandatory, your street cred goes up at least 15% when you tip the bar.

Rule number 4:
PBR is the new black.

Rule number 5: Bring your friends with you. That way, when you approach me and say “hey Ced, what’s happening?” Everyone will think you’re really cool!

Rule number 6: $2 wells and beer and you can eat at the famous new addition next to Moe Bar; The Pike Street Fish Fry (

Rule number 7: Feel free to break all the rules after the first hour.

Rule number 8: All attendees are in the running to receive fabulous door prizes.

Rule number 9: First 10 people get a free drink ticket for a $2 well or beer

Rule number 10: Your user added rule goes here!

Where: MOE BAR
Price: Free
When: 4:30pm Thu 7.17.08

925 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122

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