I reported about his big push in Missouri, and now it appears as if he’s adding staff in the Hawkeye State too…which is a curious moves since Iowa has been leaning blue this entire election season.

From Des Moines Register…

Obama has 15 campaign offices open and staffed in Iowa, while McCain is still plotting where to locate about half as many.

Though Obama campaign officials declined to disclose their hiring plans, they said its safe to say their 2-to-1 edge in local headquarters is a sign Obama’s staff will outnumber McCain’s team, which could reach 20 by this fall.[…]

“It’s in the realm of possibility that McCain could pull an upset in Iowa, but it’s unlikely,” said Larry Sabato, director of University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. “Obama has had strength in Iowa from the beginning, which we saw on January 3. And McCain, Iowa’s just not his state.”

I wouldn’t put Iowa in Obama’s column just yet, but if you take a glance over at Real Clear Politics, Obama has lead McCain in Iowa in ever single poll take this election season…and that’s why he’s up by an average of 7.4%. Again, not a lock, but certainly trending blue.

So that begs the question…is he adding more staff in Iowa so they can easily travel down to neighboring Missouri closer to election time? After all, Missouri is much more of a swing state, and the more forces on the ground close to the Show Me State, the better, right?

Could be…

Politics Obama Adds Staff In Iowa…But Are They Really For Missouri?