The more and more I think about it, the more sense it makes for former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina to be McCain’s Veep. She’s like a female Mitt Romney, but without the religious baggage or fake veneer.

Maybe that’s why he’s having her meet with former “Hillraisers”…

Amy Siskind, a former Wall Street executive who helped organize the meeting, declined to identify most the attendees, citing their desire for privacy. She said that some of the recently formed pro-Hillary organizations that have been critical of Sen. Obama–such as, which officially hosted the event, and had representatives there. lists its founders as Jill Iscol, Lady Lynn de Rothschild, Gretchen Glasscock, “and 50 more to be added very soon.”

Fiorina and participants said the town-hall style meeting covered a variety of issues, from health care to foreign policy to workplace rights. While many of the subjects could be described as of particular interest to women, many were not. One topic that got little attention: abortion rights. “John McCain has a very strong record of being pro-life, as do I,’’ Fiorina said. “They knew that. This was not a one-issue crowd.’’

Siskind said Fiorina agreed to provide details regarding McCain’s stances on mandating health insurance coverage for birth control pills, federal mandates for paid maternity leave and a reinvigoration of federal legislation aimed at giving women equal pay for comparable work.

Siskind said the group told Fiorina that if McCain would give some concrete assurances of support on such issues, the people in the room and the organizations they represented could help deliver “hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of votes” to the presumptive Republican nominee.

Honestly, I don’t think assurances would be enough. Fiorina would have to actually be on the ticket and represent a moderate Republican “Hillary”…which some argue Clinton tends to be anyway. Then I think those organizations could deliver “hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of votes.” But until a woman is on McCain’s ticket…don’t count on that many Clinton supporters swinging McCain’s way.

Who thinks Fiorina is on the really short list?

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