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First I reported about Obama’s big push in Missouri, then I talked about a renewed push in Iowa.

Today, I read about a similar move in Virginia.

From TPM:

The Obama campaign plans to open 20 new field offices in the state — and at least five of them are in very red areas where Dems have traditionally feared to tread, Obama’s Virginia director of communications, Kevin Griffis, tells me.

The Obama team is setting up shop in Winchester and Bristol, both of which are in areas that voted for Bush in 2004 by at least 25 points. Camp Obama is also adding an office in Harrisonburg, which went for Bush by 13 and is in the reliably-red Shenandoah Valley.

There will also be a new office in Castlewood, which is in the coalfields near West Virginia and Kentucky and went for Bush by eight, and in Martinsville, whose surrounding county went for Bush by 13 points.

I really think their plan to win these swing states is going to be a true block by block effort. And if it works, my guess is it’ll work big time.

More as it develops…

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