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Less Is More West Coast Tour Blog


Specs One kicked off the first leg of the Less Is More West Coast Tour last night at the Comet Tavern. Other artists included Tulsi, DJ Able of the Elefaders, DJ Wicked and Animal Farm. I told him I’d forward his tour comments in my blog. So here we go!

sup, Cedric? so the first show was a bit of mess, sound wise, but i have to say i had fun! i dedicated the night to the Seattle SuperSonics! a friend got me the Championship edition Pumas to represent fully. a few heads came out. but not enough to put gas in the tank. still i’m choosing to stay positive. next stop: Portland!

You can find Specs One tonight in Portland, OR along with TULSI, and DJ ABLE of the Elefaders @ THE CROWN ROOM 205 NW Fourth Ave. on July 19th 2008 21+ cost: 5

Find his next event here:

Put some gas in the tank and treat yourself to some original Hip-Hop all at the same time.

Stay tuned for more updates from Specs One on the tour.