Obama – 46%
McCain – 45%

Last month, McCain led Obama by 7 and in May the margin was 8.

What changed?

  • Among independent voters, Obama has a 23 point lead.
  • Obama leads 50% to 43% among women.
  • McCain leads 47% to 41% among men.
  • Obama is viewed favorably by 51%.
  • McCain is viewed favorably by 60%.
  • 49% of voters say economic issues are most important. They choose Obama by 63% to 27%.
  • 19% of voters say national security is the most important. They choose McCain by 79% to 18%.

So why the change? My gut tells me it has to be McCain’s reversal on offshore drilling. That’s the only significant thing he’s talked about that would affect Florida in the past month…and Floridians are well aware of how more offshore drilling means more oil spills since hurricanes are a yearly reality.

More next month…

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