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The Obama Machine


Is it just me, or could Barack Obama be the most skilled politician in a generation? If not more? I’m not talking about leadership, mind you. I’m talking about his ability to navigate this campaign with a poise and seamlessness that we haven’t seen anyone, not even Bill Clinton, manage in a long, long time.

I was willing to assume his victory over Hillary Clinton was as much due to Clinton’s mistakes as Obama’s strengths as a politician. But after Obama’s beautifully stage-managed trip overseas (and a hefty media assist), I have to hand it to the guy: he’s smoother than ice on a bowling alley.

I guess there’s still time for him to make a mistake on this trip but that doesn’t seem likely. He’ll come back glowing even more than when he left. It seems the only chance John McCain has is forcing Obama out of his carefully managed campaign and into unscripted town hall meetings. But that’s not going to happen.

McCain’s chances are fading by the day.