That nasty, despicable rag, Vanity Fair has released on their website what has to be the most offensive cover of all time. I am shocked. No, horrified. I’ve had my children leave the room and I’m preparing to burn this computer which has been irrevocably sullied by the display of such an image.

How anyone could find this sort of thing humorous is beyond me. I mean, people, don’t you understand?!? Most Americans think John McCain intends to burn the Constitution! They won’t see this as a joke. Stupid, brain-dead dwellers of the coastal regions already believe McCain is dangerously old and worships George Bush. What happens when those fools see a cover like this? I’ll tell you what happens! They have their preconceptions validated and they might, if you can stomach the thought, go ahead and vote for Barack Obama like they were already intending.

This is journalism at its worst. We must protect ignorant people from such images. Our culture has no place for Vanity Fair’s brand of “humor.” I am disgusted.

Politics Vanity Fair is WRONG!