Specs One is sending me Less Is More West Coast Tour comments and I told him I’d post them on my blog. Here’s the July 20th Blog. Check out what Specs One is saying today:

peace, Ced! LA was fun! except for the fact that our venue was switched at the last minute. we ended up playing @ THE GOOD HURT which is a great spot. the show was loosely attended but we still had fun! kinda hurting for gas money at this point. hopefully SB will hook some up for us!

Specs Wizard

You can find Specs One tonight (July 24th 2008) at Velvet Jones (423 State Street) with TULSI, and DJ ABLE of the Elefaders 423 State Street on 21+ cost: 10 Bucks

Find his next event here: http://culturemob.com/events/132649
Come on out and show these very talented artists your support.

Stay tuned for more updates from Specs One on the tour.

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