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Rasmussen: McCain Ahead By 6 In Ohio


McCain – 46%
Obama – 40%

This one slipped past me a few days ago. What’s more…looks like McCain opens up a 10 point lead on Obama when you account for leaners 52% to 42%.

Last month the margin was only 1 point, with McCain getting 44% and Obama getting 43%.

Some details…

  • McCain is supported by 88% of Republicans.
  • Obama earns the vote from 74% of Democrats.
  • McCain leads among unaffiliated voters by 9 points
  • 49% of voters think economic issues are most important.
  • 24% of voters think national security is the most important.
  • Obama leads by 18 among those most concerned with the economy.
  • McCain leads 79% to 21% among those most concerned with national security.

I think this would definitely be more of a cause for concern for Obama if he weren’t polling well in other swing states like Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia and Nevada that Bush took in 2004.

More next month…