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Less Is More West Coast Tour Blog IV


Specs One is sending me Less Is More West Coast Tour comments and I told him I’d post them on my blog. Here’s the July 24th Blog. Check out what Specs One is saying today:

thanks for all the support, Ced! SB was fun! again not well attended, but Velvet Jones was a cool place! the crowds up there are rich and cosmetic, so there was very few hip hop heads. the sound was good. and we got to stay at a pretty massive house for a night.

You can find Specs One tonight (July 26th 2008) at STOVE (112 Morningside Dr. NE, Albuqerque, New Mexico) with HIP HOP STEW, TULSI, and DJ ABLE of the Elefaders.

Note: They played last night in Phoenix last night. I’ll bust that out in my next update.
Thanks to Specs, Tulsi and DJ Able for sharing their stories on tour.