Specs One is sending me Less Is More West Coast Tour comments and I told him I’d post them on my blog. Here’s the July 26th Blog B. Check out what Specs One is saying today:

courtesy of jimmyclarke.com and photgenticity..

Stove in Albuquerque is a cool space! it’s not a club, but an art
gallery. i enjoyed playing there. met some dope rappers and
beatmakers! a keg from a local brewery helped to break the ice. not
the best turnout, but the heads who came out made it work well enough.
i’m getting homesick though! a bro could use some 206 lovin!

You can find Specs One tonight (July 28th 2008) at Willee’s Blues Club (401 S Guadalupe st. Santa Fe, New Mexico) with COPYWRITE, TULSI, and DJ ABLE of the Elefaders & Lost Elements.

Can’t wait to see ya when you return traveler!

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